Sterling Silver & Gold Miniatures

by Harry W. Smith

Harry’s detailed sterling silver miniatures are made entirely by hand. He first intricately carves the original master in a block of hard green wax. This is done from a few drawings and an intuitive ability to see the three dimensional object in the block. After the master wax is completed, the casting gates or sprues are added and the wax is invested in a high heat plaster. The invested metal flask is then placed in a special oven and the wax is burnt out at 1350˚ F. The cavity left in the investment by removing the wax is then filled with molten silver. This silver casting is the master. The master is then polished and final details are added before a rubber mold is made of it. The mold is then injected with wax and the process is repeated. Each casting requires a wax pattern which is lost in the casting process, thus the name “Lost Wax Casting”. After the final casting is made, it must be carved to add the final details then hand polished. Harry does every step in the process of creating his miniatures. Many of his pieces are decorated in 24kt gold vermeil and precious stones. Some have hand carved stones in the style of Fabergé. Each limited edition piece is signed, numbered and dated.

These miniatures are all 1” = 1’ - 0” scale.

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