by Harry W. Smith

“Creating a carving in miniature, whether in wood, metal or a wax master, begins with visualizing the full size piece reduced to scale. It is physically impossible to put every detail in a piece a fraction of the size of its full sized counterpart. The art is what to include and what to omit. If done correctly our eyes fill in the omitted details and the miniature comes alive. I consider my creations a success when the photograph of my miniature is believed to be a photograph of the full size piece.” Harry Smith.

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Miniature Furniture

Louis XV Study

Early Miniatures


Silver Miniatures

Palm Mirror

Fabergé Miniatures

The Art of Making

Furniture in Miniature

In this volume Harry Smith illustrates the techniques he uses to create his miniature furniture. The book includes easy to understand step by step instructions, detailed photographs and scaled drawings. The book covers all aspects of making scaled furniture from tools and joinery to elaborate carving and hardware.

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