Early Miniatures

Harry W. Smith

Harry has been creating miniatures since the 1950's. His first miniature was a small fireplace. Since that first piece he has worked to make his miniatures as authentic as possible. That first fireplace was no exception. He needed small rocks to line the fire box, however finding small stones in the heart of Chicago's Loop was no easy task. Harry and Marsha went to the alley behind their small apartment looking for the perfect pebbles. As it happened the playboy lounge of the day butted on the same alley As they crawled around looking for the perfect size and shaped stones, the play boy bunnies came out for a break. After a short explanation they joined in the search with ears flopping and tails bobbing. They found the rocks and their adventure into 60 years of creating miniatures had begun.

Harry's early works were sold in small shops and department stores such as Marshal Fields in Chicago.


Below are a few images of those early miniatures.

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